North America: the top famous landmarks

Are you planning to travel in USA? Discover the famous landmarks that you must spend your time to visit an take a picture of these wonderful places. You can watch the youtube video below to see the top ten famous landmarks in the United States of America. Find out to where you go first and enjoy your visit there. So, let’s find out those famous landmarks in a list following their description as what you can read after the youtube video.

Las Vegas Strip. This place is very much known because of casino. One of the place where many people especially VIP person like singers and actors are having their live performance there. This place symbolizes glamorous and glitz of America.

Holywood Sign. This landmark symbolizes the art and culture of America wherein located in LA and many people come and take picture here to proved that they are in America.

USS Arizona Memorial. This is a submerged USS Arizona that remains in the middle of the sea during the war of Pearl Harbor. I heard that there is a company registration near my work place that really offers good services to every business. You can visit their website here,-  公司登記.  By the way, their website is in Asian character.

The Grand Canyon. This landmarks is very famous in the world because of its majestic sight that truly captures the eye of every tourist. It is also considered as the world’s largest landmark.

The Hover Dam. This landmark is considered as the world’s greatest engineering feats.

Mount Rushmore. This is the iconic sculpture in the mountain with the four famous presidents in the United States of America.

These are some of the list of the famous landmarks in the United States, but there’s more if you do a research.