The top 10 exports of the United States

United States has the most powerful, well developed and most influential country in the whole world. It handles fifty states. This is a Federal Republic country. This country is the third of most populous in the whole world contains of 320 million people. And based on the statistics from the International Monetary fund, this country’s total gross contain trillions of gross domestic profit. Here are the list of the ten exports products in United States.

Organic Chemicals. A developing export products that is commonly use for plastics that expands all throughout the country until it increase the number of exports in the world.

Pharmaceutical Industry. As there are many pharmaceutical industry in the United States, this becomes one of the major export in the world.

Gems precious metals and coins. This became available for shipment in the year 2016.

Plastics. This has been use in processing or what we called recycling into useful products.

Medical and Technical equipment. This is commonly use for medical purposes and is many are needed this.

Oil. Commonly needed for most of cars and is one of the top needs of people with a car.

Vehicles. Because some of the automobiles are from United States, this has been one of the export products distributed in different areas of the world.

Aircraft or Spacecraft. As we all know this is design to use for orbit space. And also,this is use for hundreds of flights.

Electronic Equipment.  Since we are now living in the world of technology, electronic equipment has a big contribution in society because it gives us the best services to use in our home or business, Full Article.

Machines, engines and pumps. This is most commonly use for establishments for business purposes.